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Thread: Teacher Conference (Montessori School)

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    Teacher Conference (Montessori School)

    Yesterday, Husband and I had our first teacher's conference. We got to take home photos of my son in action. He looks happy there! The sheet they gave us, shows us stuff he's mastered, stuff he's working on, and stuff he hasn't started working on yet. He loves the sensorial materials, and can't get enough shapes. At this point, he knows more geometry than I do!

    His class has experienced a bit of turn over, the original guide left right before my son started, the replacement had a personal tragedy and had to leave, and this is the first week with our new guide. I think she's wonderful. It's kind of funny, I feel like there's a bit of fate, pulling it's way through. She seems really excited about the boy.

    In conclusion: Kid=Happy+Parents=Happy

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    oh yay!!!!! I seriously love when the right teacher and student come together. It makes everything so so so ooooooo synergistic.

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    That's so great to hear. My friend has her 2 kids in Montessori and it seems like such a wonderful path. I hope your little lovely continues to blossom!
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