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Thread: Wabbit Speaks in Chicago 10.29.06

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    Here is the blurb..sort of for this Sunday.

    I will add the address for Cousins later unless someone else would like to post it here.

    Eight Steps Towards Dynamic Life and Health
    with Holistic Health and Lifestyle Educator
    Anthony Fulker

    6:30 to 9:00 PM
    Sunday October 29th
    At: Cousins

    No fee, but donations are welcome. Suggested donation $10, but don't sweat it.

    In 1987 Anthony came down with a chronic, degenerative illness and in spite of a background in biology and the best mainstream medical care available his condition deteriorated over the years as the symptoms mounted and his quality of life was washed away. After eight years of relying on western medical care he finally and desperately turned to an alternative health care perspective. He embraced alternative modalities and in a very short period of time reclaimed his health and his life. Since that time he has made it his mission to continue studying how we can best support our natural healing potential and to then share that information with all who are interested.
    Today Anthony is an Holistic Health and Lifestyle Educator who believes that our bodies have the inherent intelligence and systems necessary to heal and and maintain optimal health, and that it is our responsibility to supply them with the appropriate resources and environment in order for them to optimally carry out their functions.

    Anthony supports individuals and families in finding and understanding the information they need in order to make better choices and take better actions that will help them realize their natural healing potential leading to greater health than they may have believed possible.

    He is a popular speaker and presenter in Canada and the US, and has hosted radio programs on health, lifestyle, and compassionate living.

    He will be presenting The Eight Steps to Dynamic Life and Health. In this presentation he will share some of the key distinctions, steps and actions that we can embrace for free or almost free to better realize our healing potential and to experience greater health, vitality, and happiness regardless what our health challenges may be.
    There will be a question and answer period during the presentation.

    ************************************************** *********

    Looking forward to seeing some of you and your friends there. I will be going for dinner before the talk and it would be great to eat with some of you.

    May peace and joy be with you.
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    Live with compassion and respect.

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