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Thread: Join me in Becoming an Ocean Defender.

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    Join me in Becoming an Ocean Defender.

    I'm one already. Greenpeace send emails about twice a month about the threats to our oceans and what practical stuff we can do about it.
    Go to the link below to sign up as an Ocean Defender and learn more about the campaign (it's free and takes just a minute).
    Love Always, theinfiniteprotector

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    The Los Angeles Times just ran an excellent five-part series on the decline of the oceans titled "Altered Oceans." I highly recommend it -- very fact-based, great graphics and photos. Part 2 was about marine mammals as sentinels of ocean health. Pulitzer-prize material. Really.
    It is not enough to be a righteous vegan, or even a dedicated, knowledgeable vegan advocate. The animals don't need us to be right, they need us to be effective.
    --Matt Ball

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