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Thread: Vegan Roommates for June 1 (Wicker Park)

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    Arrow Vegan Roommates for June 1 (Wicker Park)

    Hey all,

    I am a 27/m in Chicago, and I will be moving to a new apartment June 1. I know I will need a roommate or two, and I was hoping to find some that are vegan or at least vegetarian. If you are looking to get a place with someone in the Wicker Park area, or know someone who will be moving, and are vegan or vegetarian, please respond and we can talk and possibly meetup. Also, any good suggestions of places online to find specifically vegan or vegetarian roommates would also be appreciated.

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    an open book Miso Vegan's Avatar
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    have you posted at too? Also, vegsource has something in the chat areas... my memory is fuzzy....

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    Have you tried Chicago Craigslist? Even if you clearly state you're looking for veg roommates you would have to sift through a lot of (undesireable) replies but you would certainly get more exposure.

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    This guy is cool, you should live with him.

    You'll get over the smell.
    "When your love lets you go, you only want love more, even when love's not what you were looking for."-Tegan and Sara

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