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Thread: Would you eat replicator meat?

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    Would you eat replicator meat?

    Somebody invents a replicator.
    It creates meat (and any other animal product) from patterns stored from a single real sample. It's sustainable with no pollution or negative environmental impacts. The meat is manipulated to be nutritious and delicious with no ill health effects (proven through numerous long term studies of willing human subjects).

    PSHHHHHT! boo-boop beep-bop!

    Here's your replicated hamburger. Do you eat it?

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    I...don't know

    The idea of meat just seems so horrible to me these days I'm not sure I could get over it, but I suppose I might try it, depending on the circumstances. The trouble would be, you wouldn't be able to tell it from real meat, so there would be no way to know if it was replicator meat or someone trying to trick you.

    Good question
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    i voted no because of something that happened last night at the grocery store; i just happened to glance over at someone else's cart and there was a slab of raw ribs in there. i threw up in my mouth a little. it was completely involuntary but if i reacted that way now, when i'm so used to seeing stuff like that - i don't know that i could get past the horror of the illlusion of the replicated meat.

    i do know some people who would be overjoyed if there was a real life option like this though.

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    I'm on the fence. I agree with dropscone. You would never really know unless the whole entire world changed their meat source to this, which I highly doubt.

    If it's considered healthy with no ill-effects, even then I'm not sure. Wouldn't it still sit in your colon forever?

    Yeah, I dunno. I don't think I could eat it.

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    sʇuǝzɐɹdǝɹ VeganXing's Avatar
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    My definition of food has changed a little over the past few years. Even though I still eat garbage on occasion, this is just not food to me. If something like that became mainstream, I'd have to go all raw if only in protest.
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    Sounds tasty! I'll top it with glow in the dark easy cheez, and MSG.

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    Umm my first thought when imagining this was, "ew." I would not eat it. Sure, the ethical issues would be eliminated (I mean, sort of... they'd have to get the "template" from an actual animal), and it would use less land, but those aren't the only reasons I'm vegan. I also don't eat animal products for my health. Wherever the animal flesh came from, it's still going to wreak havoc on my digestive, cardiovascular, and every other system.

    Even if I was feeling reckless with my personal health, I STILL wouldn't eat it. I'm at the point (which I think many vegans are) where I've lost the desire to eat meat. At first I missed it a lot, but then after a while of not eating it, it stopped being "food" to me and I saw it for what it was... muscle tissue of a dead body that was mistreated in its life. Even if they found a way to "ethically" make it... I think it would be revolting to me to eat it. *gag*

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    I feel like the root origin of the replicated meat still came from the first, initial slaughtered meat. It traces back to the notion of eating meat which is flesh....ewwwww, gross!

    My conflict arises here because I enjoy mock meat now and again, and it simulates meat eating. So, one would assume that I might be a proficient 'real' meat eater.....Guess I'll never know unless I start eating the ole' flesh again.

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    ok, well if they had Chicken Fried Steak then yes, otherwiseeeeeeee
    no cuz we would still be dealing with the fact that we DO NOT need to eat meat to be healthy peoples. That in fact it is tooo full of cholesterol and sits in our veggiedigesting intestines causing all kinds of grief!
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    No, I would not eat it. The sight, smell, and mere thought of meat is repulsive to me. I try not to think about it, because I get a gag reflex.

    But, I could definintely go for some faux-cheese that tasted like the real thing.

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    Hmm,, I'm not going to say it. Too obvious.
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    Nope...the thought of it is as unappealing as real meat. I'm not quite sure how to explain it...but earlier this year I was conflicted about a coat. It was a vegan faux-shearling coat and I thought it was really cute. But it really, really bothered me that I thought something made to resemble the skin of a dead animal was cute. I would feel the same way about replicated meat...something made to simulate the real thing is just disturbing to me, even though no animals would be harmed. I also feel the same way about mock-meats...I just don't want anything that remotely resembles the real thing on my plate.

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    I won't even eat replicated vegetables!

    I am that hardcore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grog
    I won't even eat replicated vegetables!

    I am that hardcore.
    Dude. You're my idol. :in awe:
    wocka wocka wocka

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    Eh, I'd eat it. *shrug* Not, like, every DAY or anything (that last option was a little too enthusiastic for me to pick ), but I would definitely at least give it a try. I loves me some quality fake meats as it is, and not enjoying the taste/texture was NOT why I stopped eating it. Plus, it's so Star Trek.....

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