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Thread: visiting Minneapolis...

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldbringer
    Oh and its Soo-ward and Loo-chay. Oh and in uptown there is also Galactic Pizza and Ecopolitan, both on Lyndale.

    At Seward I recomend the biscuits and grave and the red earth for breakfast. Not all that far away is the Hardtimes cafe and Triple Rock (I think they serve food for all ages or at least 18+ from 4 to 6 or 7 but you might wanna check a head.

    Hey, i noticed you edited your post to include my questions, thanks a bunch! When i thought i was getting to the cities at seven a.m. before the ten hour delay i was actually planning to visit the seward for a yummo vegan breakfast, but i guess that'll be next time. I'll have to put hardtimes and tirple rock on my list, thanks!

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    Sounds like you had my favorite pizza at Luce.

    As far as co-ops go there is the group of paid membership ones(mississipi market, the wedge etc) and there are two voulenteer co-ops (North country in Minneapolis and Raymond park in St Paul) where you pick up some shifts doing something in the store and get a discount based on the hours you put in. When I had more time I did this it was nice and the discount was great.

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