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Thread: Salt Lake City Vegan Cooking Class

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    Salt Lake City Vegan Cooking Class

    Salt Lake City vegans (I noticed one new member from here and I'm sure there are others who browse the board) the Ching Sanctuary is doing vegan cooking classes!

    They are held every other Monday -- the next one is April 7 -- and they're only $7 or $6 if you bring a friend.
    I've only gone to two classes so far -- cheezy sauces and indian cuisine -- but they were phenomenal! The next class is BBQ ribs (I have no idea how they're going to make vegan BBQ ribs, don't ask me )
    So, those of you reading this who live nearby, you must come by and give it a try. You won't regret it.
    just my sales pitch

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    oh hey it's a fellow utah activist!

    My debate coach (Rich Hawkes) and my mom (Colleen Gardner) both went to those cooking classes.. I haven't been yet. I'm Jeremy.. have we met before at a protest or anything? I'm going to be speaking at the UARC meeting about viv in like an hour so maybe I'll see you there...

    - jerm

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