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Thread: Lookin For How it all Vegan......

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    Lookin For How it all Vegan......

    Well my name is Danielle and It's really my mom and I who are signin up for this. She's not too computer savy so I am the mode for her exploration.

    We began out vegan exploration maye 2 months ago. 2 months prior to that my father was diagnosed with cancer. 2 months before that we'd been going to the hospital every other day and begging them to admit him so they could diagnose him to no avail. After making a scence one day when he went into convulsions and had an episode they finally admitted him. a month later they diagnosed him with one of the rarest and most aggressive forms of cancer: T-cell Lymphoma. A couple of days later they told us that he was so far gone they couldn't do anything for him and we should find a nice place for him to die in comfort. Needless to say we were a more than a little perturbed and I personally was pissed as "all get out". We decided to send him to a good ole fashioned Sanitarium that we'd heard about that was in connection to our faith (Seventh-Day Adventisim). Anyway, their whole method of treatment is based on excersie, diet, and faith. They are completly vegan there and place all their paitents on that diet. Well, my dad has recovered to the point were he is up and walking @least 2 miles everyday. His kidneys and liver (which were almost completly shut down) have recovered to almost 100% allowing him to start chemo. He was even allowed to come home for 10 days on a break. Which leads to how we got involved, in order for him to come home he had to remain on his regiment and his strict diet. It was just easier for us all to eat Vegan, my mom brought home a book from one of the weekends she spent with him and we began practicing. We found out that not only were the dishes easy to prepare in a relatively short amount of time but they were "DARN" good. I mean GOOOOOOOOD!!! lol thereby making the transition to veganisim relativly painless. I was on the net lookin for ideas on how to smoke tofu when I ran across you guys. Some would call this chance but I call it attaining one more rung on the ladder to true healthiness and completion of mind, body, and spirit. Happy to have met you all and I hope this is the start to a beautiful freindship

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    Welcome to the Vegan Represent Forums! I hope the best for you and your family.

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    Welcome! It is wonderful that veganism has woven your family even closer together. This forum is a great place to learn/share/get support.

    I would love to hear more about your religion, spirituality and approach to healing, as I am a licensed Holisitic Health Practitioner who relys on natural, organic remedies and my spirituality makes up a big part of my healing work as well.

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    "How it all, vegan!"

    Sorry. Your user name made me say that. It was totally involuntary. It's a running joke, see.

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    Welcome, Danielle! Your story is very moving. It's wonderful that you and your mother went vegan to help your father in his time of illness. We're glad that you've found your way to us, and I hope you'll draw on our support as you continue your vegan journey.

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    Wow, that's incredible!

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    Thumbs up

    To friendship!

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    Hello, Danielle. Welcome to you and your mother. That's a great and inspiring story about your father. I hope that he continues to improve and that he makes a full recovery. Others have. In the UK there is a cancer organisation based in Bristol which advocates a vegan diet as part of the treatment for cancer. Actually, it's not completely vegan - they use ghee, which is clarified butter, for cooking.

    A strong faith, hope, expectation and belief can work wonders.



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