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Thread: Animal Rights 2005 National Conference

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    Animal Rights 2005 National Conference

    Animal Rights 2005 National Conference

    From the e-mail I received:

    Program Published Online!
    The program schedule for the Animal Rights 2005 National Conference is now posted at The program features 100 sessions, including workshops, raps, campaign reports, and high-level discussions of our movement issues and tactics. The 90 presenters represent the broad political and geographic spectrum of our movement. Register online before May 15 and save!

    The more prominent speakers include Lorri Bauston, Michael Budkie, Theo Capaldo, Lawrence Carter-Long, Karen Davis, Karen Dawn, Michael Greger, Tippi Hedren, Alex Hershaft, Steve Hindi, Kevin Jonas, Pattrice Jones, Elliot Katz, Greg Lawson, Howard Lyman, Anthony Marr, Michael Mountain, Martin Rowe, Jerry Vlasak, Paul Watson, and Persia White.

    Special features are newcomer orientation, California network planning, employment clearinghouse, 90 exhibits of animal rights literature and vegan products, 80 videos, networking receptions, and awards banquet.

    The conference will be held on July 7-11 at the superb Westin LAX Hotel in Los Angeles. The hotel features fabulous accommodation rates with free dog beds, cruelty-free personal care products, discounted vegan meals, discounted parking, free airport shuttle, and use of the hotel's magnificent Grand Ballroom and Video Theater. More than a thousand people representing 80 groups are expected.

    To take advantage of the current discounted rate, please visit before May 15. Low-income and work discounts are still available.
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    I went last year. It was awesome! I had never seen so many animal rights friendly people ever! It kind of sucked getting back to reality afterwards, but this was one of the highlights of last year's summer for me.

    There was some controversy, though. Some people were concerned that Alex Hershaft, the director of FARM, was getting too much authoritarian power over the conference. Like...some people that he got into disagreements with he allegedly ended up cutting back the sessions that they ran, or in some case even banning them from next year's conference.

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    I wonder if the FBI will host it's own workshop, or will they just passively participate ?

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    They're probably here, but they won't get anything out of it other than a desire to eat more vegan food, perhaps.

    For more about this year's conference, check out my coverage at

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    i just read ALL of epski's blog posts on the conference and they were excellent!! you should go check 'em out, for reals.

    thanks for doing that, epski! it was really nice to get a feel for what transpired. i wish i could have gone.

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    I'm glad you liked them. Thank you for the kind words.

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