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Thread: Radio song...

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    Radio song...

    Okay, I was just listening to "Panic" by the Smiths, which happens to also have been the very first song I ever played on the radio in my brief but glorious college radio career. So it got me to thinking...

    What's the very first song you would play on the radio if given your own show? Or, if you've had your own radio show, what's the first song you remember playing?

    acid funk for your ass.

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    I love music of all persuasions, but I can honestly say that I have no idea what the inaugural song would be if I had a radio show all to myself. It would depend on my mood, as everything in my life revolves around that. heh I would probably start with Head On by Jesus and Mary Chain. Maybe... No W by Ministry. I really don’t know. There’s always the ubiquitous Punk Rock Girl by the Dead Milkmen.

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    god, decisions decisions decisions...

    Okay, I'm thinking maybe Anything Anything by Dramarama.

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    The Smiths is a good choice.

    I think I'd play Against the Grain by Bad Religion, because (at least in my head) that's my theme song.
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    Funky Town by Lipps Inc.

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    Burden in My Hands by Soundgarden.
    I loooove this song...
    And after that it would probably be Trilogy by Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Another amazing song and totally different.

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    For my sis…flashback to the 70's – Black Betty by Ram Jam

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    Turn the Lights on by Santana from supernatural
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    It would depend on what type of radio show it was of course

    I have a million different ones. But Five to One by the Doors comes to mind.
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    "Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?" by The Ramones. I love The Ramones. Or maybe "Miss World" by Hole because it's a great song that never got enough attention...and because I'm the queen of the damn universe
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    "Such Great Heights" by Iron and Wine
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