Review of Dr. Michael Greger's Vegan Nutrition DVD
by Jack Norris, RD

Michael Greger is a dedicated animal activist who promotes a vegan diet to help the animals. He and I share the goal of preventing animal cruelty while making vegans as healthy as possible. Maximum Nutrition: Transitioning towards a Plant Based Diet with Michael Greger, M.D. is a great tool for
people who want their family or friends to learn more about a vegetarian diet in a convenient, entertaining way. And if you're like me, you'll also learn some valuable information about vegan nutrition and cooking!

Anyone who has seen Dr. Greger speak knows he is entertaining, and his DVD lives up to his reputation. I found myself laughing out loud throughout.

The DVD covers the latest research on vegetarian diets and shows what vegans can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Finally, Dr. Greger gives some quick, helpful cooking demonstrations and recipes for salad dressing, hummus, and other dishes. It is filled with helpful meal ideas, cooking
tips, and pointers on how people can eat to maximize their health.

Dr. Greger spends a lot of time rightfully pointing out the benefits of whole foods. He told me that he was gearing the DVD to people who tend to have poor diets. But many vegans who are thin, physically active, and/or have a high metabolism should feel safe eating processed foods such as white pasta in order to meet their daily energy needs.

The 2-hour DVD is packed with interesting dialogue from beginning to end. Soon, you will be able to order Dr. Greger's DVD from Vegan Outreach for $16 (plus shipping).