Help Ensure Passage of a Bill to Strengthen Canada's Anti-Cruelty Statutes

Source: PETA

According to articles in the Ottawa Citizen, on Tuesday, September 9, 2003, a Quebec man named Denis Ryan of Alcove, near Wakefield, kidnapped a bear cub from his mother on the Gatineau River and proceeded to torture the baby bear in order to turn him into a "pet." Please visit the following links to view the articles from the Ottawa Citizen:

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Man who ran over bear won't be charged

As the foregoing articles illustrate, the cruelty inflicted on this innocent animal was unimaginable and should not go unpunished. Not only did Denis Ryan kidnap the cub from his mother and sibling, but after the cub clawed his way free, Ryan attempted to break his spirit by repeatedly running him over with his Jet Ski and forcing the cub's head underwater. When that didn't work, he tied a rope around the cub's hind leg and began plunging his head underwater over and over again, until the animal began moaning, trying desperately to breathe. The cruelty inflicted on this innocent animal was unconscionable and should not go unpunished, but because of the lack of adequate cruelty laws in Quebec and Canada, the only penalty that this hideous man faces is a minor fine.

Canada's laws against cruelty to animals have not undergone significant revision since 1892. That may be about to change. Bill C-10B, which has already spent four years in debate and is again being considered, would make more forms of animal abuse punishable by law, as well as increasing penalties that could be given to perpetrators.

Canada's animals are not the only ones who could suffer if this bill fails to pass. Violent acts toward animals have long been recognized as indicators of a dangerous psychopathy that does not confine its victims to animals. Studies have now convinced sociologists, lawmakers, and the courts that acts of cruelty toward animals deserve our attention. They can be the first sign of a violent pathology that includes human victims. In short, Parliament's passage of Bill C-10B would help protect the safety and welfare of Canada's animals and population-at-large alike.

Laws must send a strong message that violence against any feeling creature-human or non-human-is unacceptable. Please help ensure that animal abusers in Canada receive that message loud and clear, by asking government officials to support Bill C-10B. Visit for contact information for the prime minister and visit to contact your MP and senator. Please consider sending a letter or making a phone call, as e-mail messages to legislators are often less effective. All correspondence should be respectful and polite in order not to detract from our efforts.

For more information on the bill, visit the Web sites of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies at and the Toronto Coalition for Anticruelty Legislation at . To learn more about the link between cruelty to animals and violence directed toward humans, please visit and to view more visit our fact sheet.

Thank you for your time and for your compassion for animals.

Yours sincerely,

Stephanie Boyles, Wildlife Biologist
Research & Investigations Department
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals