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Thread: Almonds vs. Hazelnuts

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    Almonds vs. Hazelnuts

    I remember reading in some books and on some websites that the most nutritious nut was the almond.

    However, I checked the book "Becoming Vegan", and in it, it states that the fat in almonds is 10% saturated and 65% monounsaturated. Comparatively, the fat in hazelnuts was listed as being 7% saturated and 75% monounsaturated. If we take this to be true, and it is recommended that saturated fats be limited in our diets while monounsaturated fats should compose the majority of our dietary fat, would it not be true then that hazelnuts are a healthier choice than almonds? Does anyone have any opinions or information on this? Is there another attribute of almonds, such as amino acid composition, fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc. that counter the higher percentage of saturated fats and thus make them superior to hazelnuts?

    Any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks to everyone in advance.
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    Please forgive my poor spelling of "everyone" in the final sentence.

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    Let's not forget the ever popular corn nut.
    While it is less nutritious than an almond, comedy is good for the soul.

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    One reason that almonds are considered the best nut is that most of us eat a diet that is "acid forming". That is, once the foods we consume are digested we end up with a predominantly acid forming trend in the body. The body is well designed to maintain strict tolerances of pH in all its tissues, but a continuous push toward a low pH in the blood will ultimately result in the depletion of alkaline mineral reserves in the surrounding tissues and eventually lead to the body relying on the release of alkaline minerals from the bones. Not a good trend. Almonds are the only alkaline forming nut. This does not mean hazelnuts are bad nuts, just that almonds would be better choice for this reason in general.
    Another plus for almonds (In many people's opinion) is that they are a significant source of B17, also known as laetrile or amygdalin, a substance that apparently has the ability to selectively destroy and/or inhibit cancer cells.
    Hazlenuts, also known as filberts, are a wonderful nut. Unfortunately, many people have allergic reactions to hazelnuts. This is far less common with almonds.

    Just a few reasons many people consider almonds the king of nuts.

    May peace and joy be with you, and may you go nuts in the most delightful way.
    Live with compassion and respect.

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    starts handing out the straightjackets ...

    This thread is completely f**ken nuts
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    what? animal fats is what you should be concered with, and hydronated fats--that is chemicaly altered fats.

    all fats are good for humans!, as long as thier not from an animal source, so all nuts, and fatty foods like coconut, are very good for you! you body needs all types of fat.

    and many peaple think these non animal sources of fatty foods are bad that couldnt be farther from the truth! agian as long as its not animal fat, or any other altered fats. ITs what you body needs like monounsatrated, polyunsaturated, and saturated. All have a job to do in your functioning of your body.

    besides that, all nuts are extremly nutritous, and have lots of wonderful minerals, along with the protein and fat. and oils are very good sources a fat, fat can help you loose weight, and actually helps get rid of heart dissease and most all others.
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    I like almonds, but I consider cashews to be the "king of nuts"

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    Cashews are my favorite too!

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    Also remember, there are many nutrients to consider, not just fat. An avocado has more fat than a hard candy, but I still think you're better off eating an avocado.


    Almonds (per 100 g):

    calories: 578
    protein: 21 g
    fat: 50g
    fibre: 12 g
    calcium: 248 mg
    iron: 4 mg
    magnesium: 275 mg
    zinc: 3 mg
    vitamin E: 26 mg

    Hazelnuts (per 100g):

    calories: 628
    protein: 15 g
    fat: 61 g
    fibre: 10 g
    calcium: 114 mg
    iron: 5 mg
    magnesium: 163 mg
    zinc: 2 mg
    vitamin E: 15 mg

    So in many respects, almonds are more nutritious than hazelnuts.

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    I like brazil nuts, and macadamia nuts. Most likely a result of my hawaiian childhood. Yum, nuts!

    Oh, and in response to the question; the difference between them is very small, so I wouldn't say one is better than the other. You know, that whole 'love them differently but equally' thing applies here.
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