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Thread: Other Post-Vegan Represent Forums?

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    Other Post-Vegan Represent Forums?

    Aside fro Plant Based People I remember that other forums were made by other people to replace Vegan Represent. Can anyone give me the URL(s)?

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    Lightbulb WOT V-SITES are NEW in SHORT, esp~ NEW BRAND SPANKING unbeknown previously??...

    Hi to you Mr beforewisdom and to ALL!........ Glad to pay homage here at PBP as it is now known.... (articulated in my reasonably-crisp-edge sort of way, at least I hope thats how the following reads!! )......

    Yup Indeed I second that, if you feel you're a blast from the past toooo, I can guess in your case it appears, you've not been active HERE for a year or more? if thats ok to briefly comment on...
    Its quite cool though that 6 years on or so IN MY CASE, to be back here, (whether or not its my cup of pucka & all that)...So I DEFINATELY am blasting from the past, and just popping on rather vaguely but hoping nonetheless to gain some focus again, ((but I'm STILL VERY MUCH A VEGAN IN EVERY WAY))... I only knew "VRF" really, I have not been current enough online to be present at PBP, for personal offline reasons subsequent to that.

    Anyway since you mention it, very conveniently I log in after 6years of intermittent lurking I guess and good luck I found your post, that since you mention it, would be a nice collective knowledge to know more about !! WHEREWITHALL in a word beyond what we already know!! -- So where indeed might some Vegan Representers from old, have gone?...

    Actually I didn't "know" any proper... so thats not really the issue for me... For me its mainly I'm just curious, as much as anything, to know where else (vegans/transient members) go to like seekout online variation on vegan discussion & real world correlated activities as they jump from one place to another with that mission...
    So, to that end, thanks to whomever comes up with the results/ links & surprises of where else its at, as well as the PBP, I mean whilst not dwelling here, the conversion to PBP I still remember at least when that happened for whatever reason it did!! ....

    Not critical of VRF/PBP in the following, but of course wherever you go its subjective and to each their own... this is whats makes communities interesting and **quite different** each one of them up to a point !! ...Some will appear kinda the same in essense and for all intent purposes that maybe so, but when you dig a little deeper its a tad more than the general appearance of a site that attracts certain kind of folk I imagine... A whole mix of things probably... Anyway, to break-out the leads of vegan inspiration, whatever the question similar to BeforeWisdoms', I offer to add in ritualistic commentary, other boards & forums and of ANY SHAPE OR SIZE/ PURPOSE, is always a challenge (unless a network site which tends to make people integrate more quicker)... in this mostly 2D world... So what do we got??... The things that enrich or defile us I suppose (depending on your perspective) are perhaps Layers of Texture that guide our senses, like degrees of Personality Interactiveness, Navigation per se, Familiarity, other basic elements, Social Pitfalls, Voids in Common* or Focal* Ground, the genial/congenial feel of a place, ETC... I could go on...

    Happy & Amiable Disclaimer: Not to burden with opinion about PBP ((or anywhere!!) though, with my random talk of it in my broad reasoning above, as I am not wise to this here place enough to comment as it stands now (b/c of my HUUUGGGE time away), only that to me it looks simplified compared to the old VRF, and I can only suggest thats a good thing~ INCIDENTLY!! I'm not on a soap-box trip, so not to get too stricken about it all).

    Naturally personal traits play a key roll in shaping a place, beliefs, bla bla, well a whole slew of things really as anyone can guess when forming "intelligent yet simple" social structure around the way they most effectively use STUFF ONLINE...

    In conclusion: Its nice to get a refresher for me personally and for everybody I suppose at each stop off, at each respective site visited bascily is what I'm saying!... A good mix of online environment.

    Here goes one of my recommended high-up there up & coming vegan sites!
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    Things seem to be a bit of ghost town here so I rolled up my sleeves and used the search engine. Kalimama set up a webboard for VeganRepresenters to go to:

    Vegan Ethos

    Thanks for popping in, it was nice to actually get a response instead of just posting into silence.
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