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Thread: Cell-Based Alternative to Animal Testing

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    Cell-Based Alternative to Animal Testing

    Another animal testing alternative?

    Science Daily >> Cell-Based Alternative to Animal Testing? Genomic Biomarker Signature Can Predict Skin Sensitizers, Study Finds

    European legislation restricts animal testing within the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and companies are increasingly looking at alternative systems to ensure that their products are safe to use. Research published in BioMed Central's open access journal BMC Genomics demonstrates that the response of laboratory grown human cells can now be used to classify chemicals as sensitizing, or non-sensitizing, and can even predict the strength of allergic response, so providing an alternative to animal testing.
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    to be found growing from mid-tide of the intertidal zone (the area between the high tide and low tide) to depths of 20 m or more in both sheltered and exposed shores.
    Interesting! I hope it catches on!
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