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Thread: Farmers who care

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    Farmers who care

    Here's a short video about small-scale farming and the dichotomous relationship of farmers with their animals (raising them and working closely with them, knowing the animals will one day become food). Nothing graphic.

    Link to video on YouTube

    I'm really interested to explore this topic further, since there seems to be so much of a push for ethical meat lately. Anyone seen/read anything good on the topic?

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    This article is from waaay back, but is really good. It is pretty long, and kinda wordy, but it goes into a thoroughly researched analysis of the history of the meat industry. It cites examples from the environmental movement, and shows how the industry environmentalists were campaigning against effectively co-opted the debate and many activist groups. Not sure if that is your cup of tea, but it is well researched and very interesting, if only as food for thought.

    Basically the point it makes is that the "ethical animal products" industry that is now cropping up is a very effective tool, which is now being used against animal abolitionists. By using public relations that take the moral high road -- claiming that animals have a good life, until we kill them -- meat farmers are allowing consumers to feel that they are making the "right" ethical choice, but essentially nothing changes for the animals being exploited. They are still exploited, and the fundamental power structure that exploits them remains.

    Nothing but the most modest concessions are made, and many animals still die for no other reason than people enjoy the flavor of meat food.

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