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Thread: Vegan Spinach Souffle

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    Vegan Spinach Souffle

    As a kid I LOVED spinach souffle. It was the only way I'd eat spinach. My dad would make it with eggs, lots of cheese, and bacon...and I remember it being sooo good. Lately, I've been craving some spinach I googled it...and found virtually nothing. So, I had to improvise. And boy was I glad I did. It was so good I ate the whole damn thing. Here's the recipe if anyone wants to try it. I didn't measure anything so it's really all guestimates.

    1/2 block of Extra Firm tofu (I used a 16 oz package)
    1 T olive oil
    5 strips of Fakin Bacon (two of which I ate)
    1/2 an onion
    1-2 cups of frozen spinach
    1/4 cup nutritional yeast
    1 t garlic powder
    salt and pepper
    (crumbly topping)
    6 Ritz crackers (because bread crumbs tend to always have milk in them...grrr)
    1 t Earth Balance
    1 t nutritional yeast

    1. Preheat the oven to about 400 degrees F.
    2. Squeeze as much liquid out of the tofu as you can and then crumble it up into a baking dish. Make sure you get most of the big chunks crumbled down. (Kinda like you're making tofu scramble)
    3. Put some olive oil into a pan and cook your Fakin Bacon until it's super crispy. Then eat two of them. Chop the Fakin Bacon into pieces and add it to the baking dish.
    4. Chop up your onion (I did this as the bacon was cooking) and add it to the pan. Cover and cook for about 5-10 minutes, until the onion is soft and transleuscent. Once cooked, add it to the tofu and bacon in the baking dish.
    5. Microwave the frozen spinach until it's thawed. Add that to the baking dish.
    6. Stir everything.
    7. Add the nutritional yeast, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Again, stir.
    8. Press the tofu/spinach/Fakin bacon/etc. mixture down into the baking dish.
    9. Make the crumbly topping by crushing up the crackers, adding the nutritional yeast, and rubbing in the Earth Balance. Spread the topping over the top of the souffle.
    10. Bake for about 20 minutes or so. Twenty minutes worked out fine for me, but the time may vary depending on the size of your baking dish. I'd check it after 15 minutes or so...and keep an eye on it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunne View Post

    This recipe sounds really good, thanks for posting it, Sunne.

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    Thatr sounds great! And I love how you included the two strips of fakin' bacon you snacked on in the recipe. I should do that:

    10 black olives (five to eat, five for the recipe)
    1.5 cups white wine (one cup to drink, 1/2 cup for the recipe)

    Isn't it great to find (or create!) vegan versions of the foods we grew up with?
    wocka wocka wocka

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    This sounds good, I think I'll have a go at it for dinner tonight. I don't really care for any of the fake bacon I've tried, I might make some smokey tempeh "bacon" crumbles for this.

    I realized I make the same tofu and tempeh dishes and need to break out of my rut. So far this week I've made the VwaV tempeh and bean sausages, and tofu eggless salad. Both very good!

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