Hey friends, sorry I haven't posted anything since the electricity fast ended. Um, but I'm looking for some roommates and/or subletters starting May 1st.

I live with a group of folks who are working to build a community in the city. We have two apartments on the same street that are loosely affiliated with each other. Together we organize vegan potlucks, games nights, four-square games, and go to activist-related activities together. We buy our groceries communally, have a year-round CSA produce box, often eat dinner together and take turns cooking. We work to reduce our negative impact on the planet as much as we can, so we try to conserve water, energy and resources. We compost, and can line dry our clothes, try to garden and buy locally, bicycle around town, we're vegan, you know, all that good stuff. Of course, once long-term residents move in, we'll all sit down and redefine exactly what we're doing as a community.

About the apartment:
It's a third-floor apartment in a four-unit building. It has the capacity to be a four-bedroom apartment, we currently use one of the bedrooms as a "project room." Hardwood floors throughout, large living/dining area, with a manageable kitchen (counter and cabinet space aren't amazing, but is enough). The Kitchen has a ceiling fan, pantry, and gas stove/oven. Indoor back porch & outdoor back porchish. We're wicked close to the Red Line, Broadway, Clark, Foster and Lawrence buses. There's a very small raised bed with some sun in the back yard. Washer ($1) & Drier (75˘) in the basement, and a sheltered outdoor bike rack we scavenged. Total rent is $1210.25, split evenly between all of us. Utilities & groceries are pretty low. Heat and hot water are included.

About the residents & community:
So it looks like there's a chance I'm the only one not moving out, so there are one-to-three spots open. I'm male, 28, and vegan. I draw comics, and work at a restaurant. I love to ride my bike and cook and bake. I'm looking to work with folks to create an atmosphere in my apartment of community, creativity and enthusiasm, and open and honest communication. I like living in a welcoming apartment, allowing friends and friends of friends, and activists to crash on our couch, or join us for dinner. I keep the freezer stocked with Temptation Ice Cream and think smoking is really gross. The other roommate who might be staying is female, vegan, into art and books. If she stays we'll have two cats who are friendly when they get to know you.

The other apartment is at the other end of the block, and the folks who live there are really cool. All vegan, and avid bike riders. We also have friendships and working relationships with a few neighborhood peace and social justice groups, and have a large social network of friends who come over for social events (most of whom are vegan).

If this stuff sounds good to you, and you feel like you could fit well into our evolving community, PM me. Hope to hear from you soon.