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Thread: Cats and almond milk

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    Cats and almond milk

    I have two furrkids, Mittens (15) and Bobcat (13). Today, while having cereal, Mittens decided to get into my cereal while I was off doing something else. I use almond milk. She apparently LOVES the stuff. When I took my bowl away, she stared at me non-stop in hopes of getting more.

    Before giving her any more, I'm curious if anyone knows if almond milk is bad for cats. I'm thinking no but want to be sure. 'Cuz if she likes it, I have no problems sharing with her.

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    While normally I would think it was a pretty innocent thing, almond pits are listed in a few of the 'toxic to pets' lists. I assume an almond pit is an almond nut, right?

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    Hrmm.. I'll have to check. Almond pits are the bitter almonds while almond nuts are the sweeter variety. This makes me think that the almond nut milk is ok but I will double-check to be on the safe side.

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    I don't know about almonds, but I recently caught Willow (our cat) with her head in my mug of soy milk.
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