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Thread: Georgia Vegans?

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    Georgia Vegans?

    I just wanted to see if there were any fellow Georgians out there!
    I would love to plan a meet-up or pot luck!
    (Crossing my fingers)

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    Hi Flo,
    I don't recall any of our active VRFers being in Georgia. But you should plan one. Put up flyers at your health food stores and at your nearby campus.
    Get it listed in "Coming Events" sections of newspapers.

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    Thankg VegeTexan. I will have to find a location to host it, but I am sure it would be worth a shot to put up some flyers and see what kind of turn out we can get!

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    I'm not sure what city you are in, but did you check out There may be a vegetarian/vegan meetup group nearby...

    Here's the list of cities for Georgia, so you could narrow it down from there.

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    It's been three years since there was another Georgian on these boards?

    MVC's link was pretty awesome, but unfortunately my area (Ball Ground) is so very, very fail that there is nothing. The coolest things are a techie group that has never met and is comprised of 3 300lb 30 year old men. And a teens with Aspergers meet, I would totally go to that though if they let me, aspergers kids are neat, they tend to see the world very differently from other people and the one that led my guild in WoW was awesome and had very similar ideas about spirituality/afterlife to me at the time.
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