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Thread: Help protect polar bears (it's easy, I promise!)

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    Help protect polar bears (it's easy, I promise!)

    I got an action alert email today with this link in it. Please take a minute to sign it-

    Tell the Bush Administration to protect polar bears and their critical habitat
    Polar bears are completely dependent on Arctic sea ice to survive, but 80 percent of that ice could be gone in 20 years and all of it by 2040. Polar bears are already suffering the effects: birth rates are falling, fewer cubs are surviving, and more bears are drowning. The Bush Administration's proposal to list the polar bear as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act is a crucial first step toward ensuring a future for these magnificent Arctic creatures. Yet the administration's proposal does not designate "critical habitat" for protection, even though melting habitat from global warming is the main threat to the polar bear's survival.

    Submit your Official Citizen Comment urging the Fish and Wildlife Service to finalize the listing of the polar bear and designate its critical habitat.

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    I lurve me some polar bears.

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