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Thread: How I Vegan

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    How I Vegan

    Hiya folks, So, Basically Im new to Veganism, about 6 months now, been a vegetarian for about a year before that and first went Vegan for about 3 months before that.

    When I first went Vegan was when I used to DJ and was hosting an interview with a lovely lady who goes by Starlit, I soon learned that Starlit was a Vegan, not knowing what it was, and still being a meat eater myself, I went to find out, when I first learned what it was, I thought it was a load of bull. I thought, "How can anyone survive on such a low nutrient efficient diet."

    Then I started to learn alot of people were into it.

    This was also about when I started gettign nito animals rights, but not alot. I just supported the fact that animals have certain rights and dont deserve to be tortured,

    Soon after, I started crusiing her website, she was a sweet girl and I absolutely loved her music and loved talking with her, She was also my very first on air live interview.

    I saw a banner saying "this may change your life" and thought, "What the heck, lets see what this is."

    So I did and it turned out to be PETA's video "Meet your meat."

    I literally cried and cried and cried.

    That video really hit me and made me so upset. I decided the only thing for me to do was to go Vegan, so I did and was doing fine for a while, but then I started to back slide and later found out some of the foods I was eating wasnt Vegan to begin with.

    I hardly had any knowledge of veganism, I just knew what ti was, but didnt know how to eat a healthy vegan diet.

    Not knowing any Vegans in those days made it hard for me to stand strong, plus I went straight from a meat eater to Vegan over night, which is hard to adjust to.

    After 3 months, I went back to simply being a Vegetarian. I was still thinking, "How in the world can a Vegan diet be healthy for you? Where's the protein?"

    I was a vegetarian for a year, but I still cut out most of my milk products and used soy. I still enjoyed cheese products though. I also ate no eggs then.

    About a year later, I saw another really sad video by PETA, "What they didnt tell you" or "What you dont know"........Something along those lines.

    That video really hit me hard, I soon realized that being a vegetarian is still hurting animals, still hurting my body, and still hurting our environment.

    Thats when I decided to do some research this time into just what is veganism, what it takes exactly to care for my body properly on such a diet, What a healthy Vegan diet consist of, what it takes to maintain a healthy vegan diet and what they Vegan alternatives are.

    I wanted to know exactly what Veganism is and learn all I can about it before I went to Veganism again.

    After about a week of this, I went straight to veganism for good and am determined this time to not back slide again.

    I got more involved in animal rights, extremely involved.

    Now I own, operate, and run my own radio show called Veg Radio for aniaml rights, health, and veg diets.

    If you would like to check out ym show, please PM or EMAIL me and I'll give you the uRL for it.

    It is LIVE and all shows are podcasted so you can listen to them whenever you want, even if you miss a LIVE show, you technically dont really miss the show.

    I have joined Vegan groups online, through yahoo groups and am very active in animal activism through PETA.

    I now have the support I need to begin my journey into a very healthy life style.

    I am now helping our planet in so many ways.

    I have devoted myself to saving the environment, saving animals, and saving my body.

    I reuse alot of items, grocery bags, boxes, newspapers etc.

    I recycle.

    I dont use anything with chemicals in or on it.

    I only eat organic all natural foods, nothign with perservatives or artificial flavorings.

    I have forced myself to read labels and have learned what some of the little known ingredients on soem labels re, what they come from and what they means.

    I have also learned that cocoa powder and 100% chocolate chips are VEGAN by reading food labels. I thought I would never be able to have chocolate again, but its just chocolate bars and milk chocolate items.

    My dad now picks on me for it and says that God gave us animals to eat, but no where in the Bible does it truthfully say this. It says they were given to us for companions. Adam & Eve only ate the fruits from the trees. They ate what mother nature gave them. They did not start wearing animals, eating them, and using them for their own benefit until after they had sinned in the garden. That there tells me using animals for your own benefit is a sin in God's eyes and is seen as being unpure.

    Although I am not Christian, I am Wiccan. I have discussed with a few of my wiccan friends about Veganism and how it easily relate to our beleifs.

    Wiccans live by the Wiccan Rede and part of it states "Do as you will as long as you harm none."

    This beign said, Wiccans beleive in reincarnation and so we beleive that a friend could be our pets. If that is true, then why would any wiccan want to use animals to benefit themselves. I think it makes sense for wiccans to be Vegans. I am actually a member of a group of Wiccan Vegans and we all agree about this.

    I think all religions that teach kindness should have Vegan members, the only way to fully be kind to living creatures is to be Vegan.

    People tell me that Im only kind to animals and I only care about animals and not humans, but this is definately not true. I have a very sweet and innocent 12 year old sponsored child in the Phillipine's. I am against child abuse and domestic violence. I support many causes and donate blood as well.

    I have found veganism to be a challenge in itself, but its well worth the effort put into it.

    Witht he right knowledge and will power anyoen can become Vegan. Its not just for the animals, but for our health and for the environment too.

    I have found that may health magazines suppport our nutritional life style. I was reading a magazine called Nutrition Action and it states to cut out the cheese, to go meatless or eat less red meat, etc.......

    So, I can see that a magazine geared towards meat eaters is saying that their diets are wrong and our's are right.

    I am also very happy that veganism is good for the Environment as well. Raising animals for meat is the number one pollutant of our planet. It polluts our water horribly. The animals have to eat and their waste has to go soemwhere. Its also the number one cause of deforestation of oru rain forests.

    The amount of land it takes to raise animals for food can feed twice as many people on grains that could be grown there instead then wha the meat on those animals will feed.

    If we could just cut out raising animals for food, we could grow so much more grain and solve the world's hunger issues in third world countries.

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    Hi fellow radio person.

    Welcome to VRF, Angelik

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    Thanks, what kind of show do you do?

    What station?

    I used to do rock, metal, and hard core alternative stuff for a station called Hard Rock Radio Live.

    Now I do VEG radio, when I have the time, you see Im a collectible doll artist for a living and that takes up alot of my time.

    I try to do my show on time most the time, but I only get a few occassionas when Im able to do it, lucky for me its podcasted so listeners can tune in whenever they want.

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    Hello & welcome!

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    Great story. Thanks for sharing!
    Kindness counts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegan Angelik
    Thanks, what kind of show do you do?

    What station?
    ktep fm, national public radio for the southwest. Animal Concerns of Texas, ACT is about animal rights and veganism. It's a half hour show on twice a month for the last four and a half years. we can be heard on the web every second and fourth sunday of the month at 7:30pm Mountain time at
    Our last couple of shows are archived there.

    I look forward to hearing your archived podcasts.

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    Welcome to VRF and thanks for sharing your excellent vegan story.
    I too used to host an animal issues radio program. I look forward to checking your's out.

    May peace and joy be with you.
    Live with compassion and respect.

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    Welcome to VRF
    Blows farts.

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    welcome to VRF, Vegan Angelik!

    thanks so much for sharing your story.

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    Welcome , Vegan Angelik!Lots of people criticize vegans saying they don't care about people which is usually b.s. , most vegans are more caring and compassionate than omnis!

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    I know, I have a friend who is an omni in the medical feild and she constantly tells me that I care more about animals then people, but thats not true. i care abotu them both equally and if I had to choose ebtween a human and an animal that i equal feeligns for, ti woudl be so hard for me to just choose one.

    I had also got her to go Vegan for a day and then she went vegetarian for 3 days and then she claimed she just ahd to have a steak. She claims my way fo livign is B.S. and that I will die sooner then she will, but if she only knew her facts, I'll actually statistically live longer then she will.

    She is in the medical feidl and doesnt even see how healthy and rich a Vegan life style is. Its truly sad how brainwashed peopel get by the meat industries.

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    Nice to meet you Vegan Angelik!

    Quote Originally Posted by Vegan Angelik
    Its truly sad how brainwashed peopel get by the meat industries.
    Sad, isn't it?
    There is no nice leather, there is no humane fur, and there is no downhill from rock bottom.

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    Welcome Vegan Angelik Thanks for sharing your story, and for your determination!

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    A beautifully crafted story / account of your vegan journey
    Peace & energy to you...

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