I came across this company on another website and I was intrigued because it's organic, and naturally preserved, so I went to their site to see if they were vegan and if they wanted a vegan rep.... Turns out they use some beeswax. They're very similar to suki products (which also uses beeswax, and which I also used to represent).

But I came across this and I want to respond to it, but my first reaction is rather acerbic and unhelpful ("that's the stoopidest argument I've ever heard!") so I need some more reasoned responses. Here's what they say about veganism and bee products:

Are your products vegan?

Our products contain no ingredients derived in any way from any animals, fish or fowl. We do use beautiful sustainably-produced organic beeswax in some of our lotions and creams. We have found no truly natural plant waxes that come close. Our beekeepers love their bees and do everything in their power to keep them healthy and happy. Some people will drive miles out of their way to find a synthetic product that hasn't inconvenienced a bee, flattening scores of other insects with their windshields in the process. That doesn't make sense to us. Responsible apiculture (beekeeping) is necessary for agriculture, since so many bees have been killed off by pesticides... another reason to go organic.