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Thread: I am finally posting my story! YAY!

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    Wink I am finally posting my story! YAY!

    So I recently became vegan when my friend Kelly (jaxin) was up for a visit

    I am one of those people who has always had being vegan in the back of my mind. I just kept myself ignorant since I knew if i knew the truth about what i was putting into my mouth or wearing ... i wouldn't want it. I knew there was something wrong about hurting animals for my food or my clothes... but it was what was "normal", so thought it was ok. until recently.

    I have Kelly to thank... really... we have been friends for a long time. Must be 6 or 7 years now. When she went vegan it started me thinking, even though i didn't realize it at the time. I told her i thought she was just a silly hippie, and kept myself in my ignorant bliss. When she came to visit, that all changed, and i realized what was going on in the back of my head.

    She wanted to check out all the vegan stuff in Seattle. I went with her and ate a lot of what she ate... tried everything. It was then i realized, i realized that I could be ok without having to hurt animals, it was pointless, its not necessary ... I didn't have to!!! That made me so incredibly happy! I felt so much better about myself... I loved discovering all the wonderful things that made being vegan doable. Finding all the places in Seattle that i could go. It was kind of like Christmas... "omg!!! this is so good!" finding all these wonderful things. I just cant put it into words. I finally realized it was safe to open my eyes and stop being ignorant to those things that were wrong with consuming animal products.. I realized i could do it... that i had a very dear friend that would help me do it... that i didn't have to be afraid anymore.

    So i did it... i have been vegan for probably close to 3 months now and loving every moment of it. I feel so much better mentally and physically as well as spiritually...

    Other than the vegan stuff I am 27, really into music, web design, video games, movies... etc. Born and raised in the Seattle area and love it here. I have a little dog named Marla and yeah... thats it for now.

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    tiny careful adventure fire bluedawg's Avatar
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    welcome to VRF, azroth!

    and yay jaxin!

    *starts packing up toaster to send to jaxin*

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    Ordained Church of Cheezish Minister MissLovely's Avatar
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    Welcome! That's so amazing.

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    What a great story. Welcome to VRF glad that you have jaxin as a friend to help you toward what was truly congruent for you.

    May peace and joy be with you.
    Live with compassion and respect.

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    Hooray and welcome!
    "Like a cloud of blossoms falling
    Ain't it such a gorgeous morning?
    Hold your breath and reach for the blue"
    Blossoms Falling - Ooberman

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    Welcome! And yay, jaxin!!
    She did nothing in particular and did it very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluedawg
    *starts packing up toaster to send to jaxin*
    ha! I used this on a friend the other day.

    Welcome, azroth, and good job, jaxin!

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    Hi azroth! Congratulations on your going vegan, and props to Jaxin!!

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    Welcome, azroth! Yay, jaxin!
    Ecology is permanent economy.


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