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04-23-2003, 12:21 PM
The process of eliminating animal products from my diet was slow for me. I'm not exactly sure when I decided to cut out what. I was about nineteen (I'm now 27) when after a while of being a "don't ask don't tell vegan" ("I'm not asking you what's in it so don't tell me") I decided I was either going to do this or not and I knew that I couldn't not be vegan. I just felt too guilty about eating the products of exploited and murdered animals. Veganism is also very empowering. I'm proud to no longer be complicit in the torture and killing of innocent beings. Eight years later I can still say that it is the best thing that I have ever done.

I don't miss meat, dairy and eggs at all. There are so many yummy, convenient alternatives, and I'm a decent cook and baker at this point.

I don't have many conflicts now that I don't live with any non-vegans. Whatever conflicts there have been were because I was just so angry at people's refusal to question society's treatment of other sentient beings and because of the dynamics of my personal relationships. I'm mellowing out a bit now and trying to counter the anger with understanding. My husband is also vegan. I met him on veggiedate.com


04-23-2003, 12:29 PM
Wow! A veggie date success story! Congratulations!

And welcome to the forums!

04-23-2003, 01:46 PM
Welcome mauraleigh.
Glad you found your way to VRF. Congrats on your veggiedate success. I think I feel a new thread coming on. LOL
Will your hubby be participating on our forums?

May peace and joy be with you.

04-23-2003, 03:04 PM
No. I don't think my husband, Kyle, will participate. He's not very interested in bulletin boards.

There are lots of veggiedate success stories. You can check them out at the testimonials page on veggiedate.com. Kyle and I are there with a photo of our wedding kiss.


04-23-2003, 03:24 PM
Hi! The way you met your husband is very romantic. Can you tell us more? Like were you in different states/countries? How long before you guys met in person?

04-23-2003, 03:31 PM
sweet. Glad you found us. :daisy:

04-23-2003, 04:03 PM
I was living in Bethesda, MD near Washington, D.C. and Kyle was living about 40 minutes north in Columbia, MD when we met. I had put off responding to his e-mail for the longest time because I wanted it to be perfect. He had given me his phone number in his e-mail, so finally I just called him and we had several long phone conversations. At the time I was living with my dad and my car couldn't go very far, so he drove all the way to Bethesda and took me back to Columbia. He made us a cheeseless pizza and we watched "The Apartment" with Jack Lemmon and then he drove me back home. As the relationship developed we closed the distance between us by staying over at each others apartments (I got my own).

My friend Shari and her husband Phil met through the now defunct Two-fu vegetarian dating service. They exchanged letters between Maryland and Colorado before he eventually moved to Maryland. A few years later they got married.

My mom also met her husband through a dating service, but they're not vegetarian.


04-23-2003, 04:42 PM
Originally posted by mauraleigh
Two-fu vegetarian dating service.

Fantastic name! red and I lived miles apart when we first got together - I was in Truro, Cornwall - and was almost sent to Aberdeen by my company, and Red was in london, I think it really makes you appreciate the time you have together. We knew each other 10 months before we even met face to face, and were just friends...and then we met...and as they say, the rest is history (and a very happy one too). :blush: