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04-01-2003, 02:05 AM
We wanna know about YOU and VEGANISM!

You are unique and so is the story of your journey. Please share your VeganStory so we can get to know you better and perhaps you can inspire others.

This is not a MANDATORY post but it could help others in similar situations and build a stronger vegan community which is the whole reason behind this site. We're not asking for anything specifically personal, like where you live , age, race, gender or whatever but just your experiences that lead you to seek a vegan lifestyle. If for some reason you strongly oppose posting your story just email dandelion@veganrepresent.com and ask to be admitted without a story. It would be a pity if you did so but that option is open.

To start, hit the “New Thread” (http://veganrepresent.com/forums/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=19) button in the Vegan Stories (http://veganrepresent.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=19) forum, title it "Yourname's Vegan Story (or some other creative if you wish)" and write your story....
Things you may want to include to help us get to know you and your own story about why you went veg could be:

- Why did you become vegan? Was it a bunch of reasons or one major one...gradual or instant?
- When did you become vegan?
- How has it affected relationships with friends, family, etc...?
- What challenges did /do you face and how you dealt/dealing with them?
- What have you found easy/hard?
- What has brought you to VEgan Represent?

When you submit it a moderator will be notified and once the post is confirmed you will be upgraded to a member status that will allow all the goodies to unlock. Yay!
Please allow up to a week for notification by email about your account upgrade.

Only one thread per story/person will be accepted in this forum but feel free to reply to and welcome new members.

If you want to post a quick introduction please do so HERE (http://www.veganrepresent.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?forumid=47).
This forum is for vegan STORIES only.


05-16-2010, 04:35 PM
Just two quick notes... one a change, one a clarification:

Clarification: After you submit your Vegan Story, it may take a day or two for your post to appear on the forum. That's because it needs to be personally approved by a moderator.

Change: Dandelion is no longer the administrator here at VRF, so if you need to contact someone about your story, feel free to contact any moderator. You can also click "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy your stay!