View Full Version : April Vegan Meetup (Chicago)

04-05-2004, 02:13 AM
This weekend's vegan meetup (http://vegan.meetup.com/) was at Andies (http://www.andiesres.com). They now have a vegetarian section of the menu with denotations for vegan options. The food was delicious and service excellent. The owner personally came over to talk with me and sent an interesting follow up email.

As you know we strive hard to come up with many vegetarian and vegan entrees as you are aware it is not so easy but we just donít give up because I and my staff know that vegetarian an vegan is the only way in the coming future for a better and healthier life style living....
That was very nice.
So if you have the chance, support Andies, they like vegans! The food is very yummy too!

04-05-2004, 02:27 PM
ok, ive heard that Andies may be misleading about their ingredients on their menu. Questions about using chicken broth and feta cheese in vegan options have come up. I'll check into this!

04-05-2004, 10:54 PM
Egad...keep us posted!