View Full Version : Save Your Soy Milk Cartons! (Seattle)

03-13-2004, 08:47 PM
Save Your Soy Milk Cartons!

The SeaFair Milk Carton Derby (http://www.seafair.com/x86.xml) has been a Seattle tradition for quite some time. Every summer, people lash together empty cow-milk cartons to race in Greenlake. Well this year, it is time for us to represent the Vegans & the Lactose-intolerant! We want to enter a Soy Milk carton boat, but we need YOUR help. Please start saving those soy (or rice) milk cartons for our boat.
We will have more information about where to bring your cartons soon. Just start stockpiling!

And if you can help us BUILD the boat, please email rachelb@narn.org or
call 206-250-7301.