View Full Version : *Recipe Request* - super dooper desserts

01-22-2004, 07:15 AM
we're making a dessert to take to a dinner with omni friends tomorrow night. i'm trying to think of desserts that don't involve too much pastry (if any) since the hostess is making a filo pastry pie for the main course. i also want something which is not either a) ice cream or b) fruit salad, since these are the same old same old that everyone else serves when they know i'm coming to dinner.

it's kind of a special occasion - a send off for one of our little group who's about to move out of the country.

at the moment i'm considering doing something involving a biscuit crust and lots of berries, but i thougt i'd ask y'all, just in case anyone's got a favourite recipe for an fantabulous omni-wowing pudding creation that never fails :D

no, i don't ask for much :p

01-22-2004, 09:18 AM
Well, there's my variation on Leah Leneman's cheesecake here (http://geocities.com/blitzedvegans/cheesecake.html)

Apparently this is also nice with half the tofu as silken tofu, and a "glurg" of berries added.

Alternatively, how about a chocolate chestnut terrine or something simple and rich like that? If interested in the latter I'll dig out a recipe, though I think there are plenty on the web. It could be served with crispy biscuits, a bit like a sweet pate.

01-22-2004, 09:41 AM
*completely dissolves in drool*

did you say "chocolate chestnut terrine" and "served with crispy biscuits" and "bit like a sweet pate"?

thanks for the ideas - i will add them to the thinking pot. i had a suspicion that dropscone might be able to help :D

we're a bit limited (also) by the non-availablity of quite a few things we would expect to be able to buy in the UK, including silken tofu. :umm: