View Full Version : made a vegan ice "cream" cake - yum!

12-17-2003, 01:53 PM
For my little girl's birthday, yesterday, we made her an ice "cream" cake :).
It was the best ice cream cake that I have ever had.

We made two chocolate 8x8 cakes (Sheila's recipe - thanks Sheila!) one for the bottom and one for the top, put homemade ice cream between them (recipe found in the new farm vegetarian cookbook - vanilla) and topped it all with good ol' butter cream frosting (using Earth Balance, of course) it was great. WAY better than the ones we used to buy from Baskin and Robbins...

If you have thought about making one, I say go for it. It was pretty easy.

The cake was huge though...probably big enough to feed 20. Oh well, we will just have to keep eating it, day after day...til it's gone.


12-17-2003, 02:20 PM
Wow! That sounds really yummy, and not too difficult either (aside from the homemade ice cream part). Mmmmm....

12-17-2003, 02:46 PM
You're welcome.

That sounds really, really good.

12-17-2003, 04:48 PM
Oh my gosh that sounds so good! And at the same time, so bad! :p

12-25-2003, 05:04 PM
mmmm.. :D

Ice cream cake was my weakness. I love that stuff buthavn't had it in 6 years since I stopped eating dairy. I'm gunna have to try something like that.

06-01-2006, 10:31 AM
Sounds awesome!