View Full Version : Liberation Now! in Washington, DC Nov 7-9

11-05-2003, 10:08 PM
There hasn't been any discussion about Liberation Now! (http://www.defendanimals.org/libnow/) here on VRF; it's a student animal rights conference in Washington, D.C. that's taking place this Friday November 7 through Sunday November 9.

I'll be going, and I got a hotel room with two of my friends - there's room for more, so if anyone here wants to go just let me know (the registration fee is only $25, and you don't have to pay much for the room if you can't afford it). If you need a ride, we're leaving the Rochester, NY area on Friday morning, and heading down through Pennsylvania - we have room for two more people in my car.

The famous vegan doctor, Michael Greger, M.D., has packed a hotel room full of 19+ students (http://www.defendanimals.org/_lodge/0000002d.htm). We're aiming for a lower number of guests in our room.

11-19-2003, 09:03 PM
I hadn't been checking on in veganrepresent for a while, and I regret it now. I was at Liberation Now - I'm in the area so it was just a metro ride over every morning. How did you like DC? Which workshops did you attend? And wasn't it cold at the protest? :)

11-19-2003, 10:24 PM
DC, as always, was really cool. Liberation Now rocked. Peter Singer, Ingrid Newkirk, and Bruce Friedrich gave wonderful motivational speeches.

I went to Media Interview Skills Training with Lisa Lange for the first workshop - it was neat to learn how to act on TV. Then I went to Working with the Media with Karen Dawn and Bruce Friedrich, and learned a lot about press releases and editorials. Finally, I went to Vegan Advocacy in Your Schools & Communities with Matt Ball (my hero) and Lauren Ornelas. Matt Ball kinda restated what Bruce said in his speech that morning, but it was still good to hear. I didn't go to the final set of workshops - I had to scoot back to upstate New York.

The best part of the weekend was the screening of Peaceable Kingdom. It is the perfect animal rights movie. It will make millions of vegans (I'm quite serious).

I froze my fingers off at the protest, because I held up one of the banners by the road and didn't have any gloves on. It was neat to do, though!

And I got to meet a lot of cool people in the movement at Liberation Now. Maybe I even met you, Addledtaisie! I had fun talking to all the people who looked out of place and trying to figure out if they were from the meat/dairy industries or federal agents.

11-19-2003, 10:42 PM
I was standing out by the road too, but on the opposite end from the long banner, I think. I was near a guy who had come with his own sign and a fox corpse dangling from a trap. Gloveless, I held my sign with my sleeves wrapped around my hands. I was a little irritated that the police cars obstructed the view of the signs, but the thumbs-ups from passing people cheered me up. And I was happy when somebody had the bright idea to get everyone moving.

It was a full moon, and I heard there was a lunar eclipse that night. How auspicious!

Do you know if that protest got any media coverage at all?

I was really glad I went. I think I'd spent a lot of time since I went vegan drifting - slowly forgetting why I was so passionate in the first place. Liberation Now got me back on track.

And especially Peacable Kingdom! I haven't seen The Witness, but I'll be looking for it at the library and video store. I bought a DVD of Meet Your Meat and picked up PETA's other free video, but neither of them could have the same effect as Kingdom.

Did you end up identifying any infiltrators? :P

11-19-2003, 10:59 PM
Yeah, I didn't have the option to get moving at the protest. I was completely stationary with the banner. But hey, I'm much better off than a mink, I'm sure. I heard that the protest got zero media coverage, but at least a lot of people drove by.

As far as infiltrators go, one guy I talked to was really suspicious. He had a backpack with a leather bottom, and a friend of mine asked him what his favorite vegan snacks were, and he was totally floundering. Maybe he was just a reporter, but he was trying hard to fit in.

I also sat next to a guy on the first night who didn't clap or laugh at all. Dead giveaway. I have this idea of a movie about a beef industry exec who goes to an animal rights conference, and is convinced to go vegan - then has to deal with the repercussions back at his job.

Did you go to any cool workshops? Did you get to have any of the mac 'n cheese or barbecued ribs at the lunches? I'm still suspicious that they were the real thing!

11-20-2003, 02:09 PM
I liked the workshops - I generally went to community organizing ones, but the slideshows and speeches I found to be more interesting -- perhaps because they chose for those the speakers who were most influential in and pertinent to the cause as a whole?

I would really have liked it, though, if the animals & the law presentation had been a workshop. That wasn't enough time to cover a subject that a lot of people seem to be fuzzy on.

Mac & cheese was lukewarm by the time I got to it. I didn't think much of it, really. But how about those giftbags? It was like compensation for all the Halloweens I'd missed. Dr. Bronners and jerky and chocolate and cookies - mmm.

And the cake....I hadn't had anything like that forever. I ate so much I didn't want to see chocolate cake for another five years.

Plus, I bankrupted myself buying vegan gear. My hemp purse is now covered with buttons, I've got enough stickers to cover a car (a car of the distant future, since my omni mother isn't about to let me cover hers), and I've got a ton of literature and videos for the club I'm trying to start.