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10-02-2003, 03:51 PM
Flushing won't free fish, UN tells kids
Last Updated Wed, 01 Oct 2003 13:44:59

LONDON - Conservationists have issued a plea to fish owners: please don't flush your pets.

The movie Finding Nemo follows an animated clownfish who escapes down a sink. Since the movie was released, conservationists say hundreds of children have flushed their pets in the hopes of freeing them.

The United Nations Environment Programme and its has conservation and aquarium trade partners launched a program to discourage the practice. The film opens in the United Kingdom this week after a successful run in North America.

Marine Aquarium Council, a nonprofit conservation group, says parents need to tell their kids fish won't survive if they are flushed.

The survey by UNEP's World Conservation Monitoring Centre estimates more than 20 million tropical fish are harvested annually for the aquarium trade in Europe, the United States and Japan.

Fish hunters often add toxins to tropical waters to stun their prey, which can kill other creatures and coral reefs, the UN report says.

The report says the trade is a $300 million industry. About nine per cent of freshwater aquariums use farmed-raised fish, but wild marine species are harvested for saltwater tanks.
Conservationists have developed a certification program outlining sustainable methods of harvesting aquarium fish.

Source : CBC Online (http://www.cbc.ca/stories/2003/10/01/aquarium031001)