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02-23-2012, 03:21 AM
ok, this subject might be a little off topic for a vegetarian website, but for some reason i feel complied to write about this. probably because iv had to put up with this kind of shit in the past myself, and i also know how damaging this can be to one's self esteem. i know that bullying and ganging up on people is considered ''normal human behavior''by most people , but it still really baffles me. i just cant wrap my head around why someone would get off on making someone else feel bad. i also dont understand how people can say such horrible things about people they don't even know. the thread that iv read today on getoffmyinternets.com is a perfect example of what im talking about.

before i get into detail about the online thread that i was reading today, let me frist tell you a little bit about the website the thread was on. the site is called getoffmyinternets.com, and it is a ''snark website'' which is dedicated to criticizing and mocking infamous web celebs. now i know that this is not the only site of it's kind and i also know that people have the right to voice their opinions about others, but there's a very fine line between ''criticism' and ''bullying'' which is what a lot of the members of GOMI do in the forums on that site.

has anyone on this site ever heard of http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/? let me first start by saying that i LOVE this site. and anyone who loves vegan desserts should definitely check this site out. seriously, the girl on this site comes up with some pretty amazing stuff. sadly, she was also a target of GOMI.

i came across a GOMI thread about her while googleing one of her recipes, and what i saw written in the thread was quite sickening. i know this is supposed to be a site where people criticize others, but the people who commented in this thread were just taking it way to far! they were just saying really horrible shit about her. in the thread they constantly accused her of having an ''eating disorder''. they also used words like ''cunt'' and ''anorexic bitch'' to describe her(this is a dessert blogger, mind you). some of the stuff they were saying about her just seemed completely stupid and hateful. she Photoshops pictures of herself, she convinces people to develop eating disorders, her foods sucks. these douchbags basically made fun of every little thing they could think of about her, and a lot of it just seemed very pointless. why the hell do you care if she uses stevia in some of her desserts rather then sugar? and why the hell are you guys so hung up on weather or not she has an eating disorder? and if she does(which i doubt), why the hell is that any of your business?

reading that thread made me very angry. i just cant understand why people would put so much energy into hating someone they dont even know. i so badly wanted to tell those losers to get a life, but then that would mean i would have to create an account on that site, which seemed kind of pointless just to tell someone off. i have been bullied online before to and i know how bad it can hurt, so that's why i get so upset when i see others being bullied this way. especially since the targets really don't deserve it.

does anyone else have any opinions about this? i would really like to read some other members views on this

take a look for yourself. i think most of you will agree that the people who commented in this thread were complete assholes http://getoffmyinternets.net/gomi-forum/healthy-living-blogs/chocolate-covered-katie/

02-24-2012, 11:19 AM
...reading that thread made me very angry....
i think most of you will agree that the people who commented in this thread were complete assholes...
I find much of the internet to be extremely "vegephobic" [hatred and disdain for veg*ns/animal rights supporters] so this tells me that much of the world in real life must be vegephobic as well.

Ever read the comments section after a news/youtube video? I can't bring myself to even read them most of the time. Besides learning how racist, sexist, and homophobic the commenters are, one quickly learns that the president was "born in Kenya", the 9/11 "truth", and that Hitler was "one of them vegetarian/eco-terrorists too, so watch out"!

I even get subtly hostile/dismissive comments from co-workers and family members, at times. I know of no solution, but I try to not let it bother me.

02-26-2012, 06:19 PM
i think the reason why most of world is ''vegephobic'' is because no one wants to hear the truth. most people don't want to believe that their cheese burger is the product of animal cruelty, so instead of getting angry at the meat industry,they take it out on the person who's diet shines a spotlight on the abuse they'v been contributing too.
and also, society has a phobia against anything that is different, not just veganisem. ever heard of the saying people are afraid of what they don't understand? same thing here.

as far as comments on the internet go, most times i don't even read them. all it ever does is just make me upset and put me in a bad mood. the only reason why i read that thread a few days ago was because i stumbled across it by accident. people are such pussies when it comes to the internet, really.

the solution to this problem is just to ignore those idiots. let them waste their on internet drama, it shouldn't be our problem.

02-28-2012, 12:34 AM
That dessert site looks like it has some really great recipes. Thanks for the link. As for the other part of your post, I think you've come to the best conclusion... it's best to ignore the bullies. Some people think they look smart if they can criticize and be mean about someone. The anonymity of the internet makes it a million times worse, too. I can't read comments on most sites--it's too infuriating and depressing.

Anyway... for what it's worth, I think you're right to be upset. It's awful. Also, chocolatecoveredkatie.com looks like a nice, positive website with delicious desserts. I'll have to try some of the recipes. :)