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Hi there :)

I was a vegetarian for a long time... about 16 years and quit in May of 2007 because of all of the concern over soy protein. There were a few other reasons that I quit that I wont go into at this point, but this year I have finally decided to not just go back to vegetarian, but to become a vegan.

I thought these were some good questions, so I will do my best to give responses to all of them:

- Why did you become vegan? Was it a bunch of reasons or one major one...gradual or instant?

Well, when I was a veg I went vegan for awhile (except for my coffee creamer!) and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. It started out being animal cruelty issues, but it really has become so much more over time. I just think its healthier, and unless you are vegan there is no way to be completely cruelty free in my opinion.

- When did you become vegan?

Just started

- How has it affected relationships with friends, family, etc...?

Well, when I was a veg it did. I had to keep telling people what I could and could not eat. It affects all of your relationships, actually.

- What challenges did /do you face and how you dealt/dealing with them?

I think just being able to inform them that I am vegan without it becoming an incident. Some people (again, from my experience as a veg) think that if you make a choice that you are trying to force it on them.

- What have you found easy/hard?

Again probably the relationship aspect of it.... And then going out to eat the 20 questions with the wait staff.

- What has brought you to VEgan Represent?

I was searching for vegan cosmetics companies and found some great suggestions in threads here.

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Welcome to VRF, Melanie~!!

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:daisy: Welcome, Melanie~! :daisy:

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Welcome to VR.

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Hi! Nice to have you here. :)

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