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12-21-2010, 04:42 AM
My name is Craig, my mind was opened up to veganism at the age of 13 when I approached an animal rights stall (focused on vivisection) that caught my eye with graphic imagery. Back then I made a short lived effort to stop eating meat and animal products but with no support or knowledge of resources, I failed in an epic manner. I am vegan because I value animals and their right to live. I don't even necessarily like all of them, but I respect them. I mean come on, what is the deal with flies? I hate flies! But I don't kill them. I think veganism can be an isolating experience if you let it, and its important to remember that the vast majority of the human population do not share your passions for equality and compassionate living. I have been vegan for about 5 years now, after being vegetarian since a trip to Nepal in May 2000. I've been the self righteous angry vegan, and it does nothing but bring you down and disillusion your outlook of people. Do not allow this to drag you down! It's easy to judge others against your own beliefs but it doesn't achieve anything, it just alienates non-vegans more than they already may have been. Lead through example! I think being vegan has pushed me to be more creative in the kitchen. I personally like to cook, and I mean cook, not put processed foods in the oven. I love butternut squash chilli, a little experiment of mine that went amazingly well. Even my meat eating parents enjoy this dish. I make a good yellow gram curry, which has the seal of approval of my friend's 2 year old daughter. I think if I'd stuck to an omnivorous diet I wouldn't have found such culinary delights. I hope to make good friends here, and look forward to sharing ideas as well as considering new ones. Peace, love and blessings x

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Welcome, Tonsilitis! I enjoyed reading your story. :)

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Welcome to VR, Craig.
Cooking is the best way to demonstrate.

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:daisy: Welcome, Tonsilitis! :daisy:

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Welcome, Craig!