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Im A Sheep
07-09-2003, 07:02 AM
Hey, I'm a vegetarian and have been since 25/11/2002.... It's not all that long, but still I remember it because it was a month before christmas. In that time I have been Vegan for 3 weeks, But then I was forced to give up, My parents detested the idea.... and finally I cracked under their pressure and tauntings (Don't say "Well it's not like they could force you..etc" I've been through this with people on other message boards... You don't know my parents nor the situation so therefore its unfair for you to comment)

I plan on becoming Vegan as soon as I move out of home, and I feel it won't be a very difficult move considering I eat hardly any milk/eggs anyway... I don't eat them on there own either, just products containing them.

I became Vegetarian because I realised it's morally wrong to eat something which was once alive, and the night before I went Vegetarian I was listening to youth talk back and the guy (Who strangely enough isn't Vegetarian himself) was talking about Vegetarianism... So I decieded to quit with all of my excuses of "But it's not as if I'm going to make a difference" and finally do what I'd wanted to do for a while!

My friends and family are Anti-Veg*ns so it's really fun when we have family dinners.... And also when I stay over at other peoples houses... Oh and also another of my favourite past-times is having meat waved in my face... and someone saying "Mmm... dead animal dont you wish you could have some."
And I hate when people say "Oh yeah you CANT Have that can you" when it's something containing Gelatin etc... Because it's not that I can't it's that I choose not too!

I really like sheep.. They are my favourite animals by far.

I wouldn't normally write something this long or boring but hey it's late at night and there isn't all that much else to do!

I think I might give being Vegan a go again... And try make my parents not notice... If only someone would go buy more fruit :(


07-09-2003, 10:01 AM
Welcome to VRF, Im A Sheep! Happy to hear you're on your way to veganism. I know that parents and friends can be a real pain in the butt, especially if they're as rabidly anti-vegan as you've mentioned. How do you usually respond when they wave meat in your face, etc? Maybe you could get a copy of "Meet Your Meat" from PETA (slaughterhouse/factory farm footage video) and threaten to play it during every meal until they stop being such phenomenal a-holes.

I don't know what kind of a person you are, or if you'd be comfortable fighting them off a little bit, but since I enjoy making meat-eaters squirm, I'd recommend getting a bit more vocal about why their treatment of you is unacceptable (this is, of course, assuming you don't already do that... which you very well might). After a while, they'll get tired (having hearts ridden with cholesterol and saturated fat can wear a person out pretty easily) and hopefully leave you alone. Eventually my family started me asking questions about veganism because they were genuinely interested... not simply because they wanted to taunt and annoy me. And, um, is there any chance you could go buy some more fruit? :confused:

07-09-2003, 11:17 AM
Welcome Im A Sheep.
Sorry to hear that you are having to cope with such, um, inconciderate friends and family members.
I wish you the best of luck with your desire to be more vegan and I sympathize with you in your situation.
I hope that you enjoy the community here on VRF.

May peace and joy be with you.