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11-11-2008, 10:34 AM
Wow! I didn't think this question would be tough to answer. Strangely no one has really asked, not like this.
16 years ago I was taking human anatomy - we were dissecting - people. I came to realize (quickly) that animal meat smells like human meat. Dead. That was the end of me eating meat. It just made me sick to think about it. I guess I slowly evolved into a place where I had issue with killing animals- the zoo- stuff like that. Then three years ago I was looking into feeding my infant daughter, was it safe for her to be a veggie??? So I started to read. After countless books and internet searches my husband reluctantly agreed to keep our daughter dairy and meat free (my husband only agreed with the meat until she is old enough to decide on her own) for health reasons. But we both agreed that she should have "incidental" milk exposure, so that she would be able to tolerate milk in cake or at food gatherings, such as parties. In a twist of fate, my daughter turns up with severe food allergies and cannot tolerate even the smallest amounts of dairy. And suddenly I found myself examining why I was still drinking milk and eating cheese. Admittedly I was shamed. I had been sitting on my high horse for so many years, not eating meat, not causing any deaths - or so I thought. And now I can't decide what bothers me more - the way a dairy cow is treated for years and years -or killing it for meat. So now my daughter(s) and I are vegan. (Still wrestling with the honey issue).
My family? Well my side doesn't seem bothered. My mom is not such a fan of soy- but that is it. My husband's side- well they would skip the veggies and just eat the meat. They think that any illness i have from the flu to a pulled muscle is a direct result of not eating meat. It is an ongoing struggle, my husband, a meat eater, being pulled between what his parent want, what society is doing, and what I think is best.
Here in Alabama, being vegan is harder than I would imagine. Not a ton of food choices (getting better), zero understanding from the general population, and not a lot of like minded people.
I am still finding my way -growing into someone larger than my yesterday self- and I am glad to have stumbled on this site:-)

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Welcome to VR. Good to have you with us.

La Végétalienne
11-11-2008, 01:19 PM
Well, I'll be- There ARE vegans in Alabama!

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Forget honey and buy agave nectar. Tastes better and is much lower on the glycemic index. Problem solved hee hee

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Wonderful that you're here! :)