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11-11-2008, 05:08 AM
As of lately, truth is being the main thread being woven throughout the bizarre pattern that is my mind, so I wont hide my reasons for eventually becoming a vegan! I'll also chuck in a bit of a story for those keen enough to read..

Well my name is Rory, and boxing day 2006 (end of year 11) my father passed away. As you can imagine that had a large impact on my life, especially at that age. Things are swell now, I've learnt and grown alot from this untimely experience.
So since then I've been asking that question that we're all to end up asking one day (if you don't then there's something wrong with you)..... "Why?"

I started pursuing quite a few philosophies, ethics, eastern religions and other information as to what was going on in the world. Amongst all this, my first steps into being a vegetarian came about.
It was through a myspace message from a cute Canadian girl telling me that I had fresh music tastes, as we shared an acute interest in the "Anticon" Record label.
She was what brought me out of a chasm that I was far beyond lost in, and she was a vegetarian. I was intrigued! I'd never really talked to one before!
"Wow that must be hard!" I said, "What do you eat?! What's your favorite food?"
"Tomatoes! I also loveee veggies, chips, fruits, nuts and other tasty things" She replied.
Unfortunately for me, I didn't like tomatoes, but I started looking into other types of vegetarian meals and started incorporating yukky(which have proven to be delicious!) morsels into all my meals.
I wanted to prove that I could be a vegetarian to impress her and so she would think I was cool hahaha! So on and off that whole year I tried my best to ween myself off meat (as some of you know this is quite hard especially when you loved the taste of meat in the first place) which proved to be difficult because bacon and various other treats(word of the past when it comes to referring to meat) would lure me back into its consumption.
I tried to find a way to gross myself out of meat, and I thought, "Hey wait a second! I don't know anything about vegetarianism!".
So I started my own personal research into why people were vegetarians and then came across a few peta videos and was quite grossed out. I felt for the animals, and realised that it was a cruel practise.

(It took me back to when I was a pre-teen and stopped eating fish because it was cruel to pluck them out of the sea. People said "You should stop eating cow and pig and chicken because it's cruel to kill them for food!" But I shunned this thought as meat played a huge part in my diet at the time. Stop eating beef, veal, bacon, and chicken??? YEAH RIGHT!!!)

Anyway, I still couldn't really give it up, but I decided that the perfect way to properly discipline my greedy and unnecessary taste for meat was to set myself a New Year's resolution! So I haven't eaten any meat all year(2008), and it has just become easier and easier. I have had no urges at all to eat any meat, fish or poultry. In fact it grosses me out completely. I can't understand being any other way now..

Sparks were blanketed before a fire erupted between me and the Canadian, so it stopped being about impressing her in the end. It ended up being for myself, and for the animals I was (kinda) saving.

So it had been a few months into the proper vegetarianism and I heard about veganism. "No Cheese!?!?" I thought, "They're delirious! What nutters!"
Now, I've always been extremely fond of cheese. Cheese would be the base for all meals for me. If I didn't have cheese at least once a day I'd go mad!!
So I threw away all thoughts of ever being a vegan. Though since then, I've admired the firm discipline of a vegan diet (and also straight edge which has come just as easy. although I don't claim "edge", it's easier to label, cause that's what society teaches us to do.. stereotypes and labels... YAY!!!).

I returned from a 2 month long europe trip and was out with a friend's family for dinner. We were having the do-it-at-home-mexican-dinner with tacos, burritos and nachos. I filled up the bean tacos 734462/24 with cheese and some veggies of course. My friends sister said "Duuuude why are you eating so much cheese? Don't you know that cheese has cow stomach in it?"
I put down my taco before shovelling it into my mouth and started talking to her about it... She informed me of all the cruelty that was involved with making cheese, and told me that i was supporting the meat industry by eating/buying cheese.
I still ended up eating that taco, but with a bit more awareness. The smell was way too tempting.

So for a month or two I went on eating cheese.
Bored one night I was stalking through people's myspaces and came across a few vegan videos on a vegan hip hop page. I watched them and something clicked in my brain. I discovered flaxseed oil as an omega supplement and started cutting out as many things i could that were animal derived but was still attached to cheese. Infact I went cold turkey after not having it for 3 days. I heard that it was easy not to eat cheese after a few weeks, but I didn't believe that. It was around then that I found vegan represent, except not being a vegan i felt like it wasn't my place to post amongst the elite.
I needed a way to cease the intake of animal products!! How though? I thought i'd postpone it til i moved somewhere more vegan friendly..

(Almost there! Bear with me!)

Until one night, at about 2am, I had sort of a breakdown of some weird kind, and woke my mum up so I could talk to her about everything! We ended up deciding that I needed centering, so the following day my Yoga teacher came round and we asked her if she knew anything that could help sort me out. She mentioned going to an ashram/yoga community/hermitage for a week or so.. So I went on the net and booked a month at a Satyananda Yoga Ashram in Mangrove Mountain in Australia. Now, on the form, asked if I had any dietary requirements and amongst "gluten free", "wheat free" etc.. there was a Vegan! option. I thought, wow! Perrrrrfect! It was the ideal way to involve myself with veganism, and cut cheese out for the equation for good.
So for that month I indulged in amazing cruelty free meals while practicing the ancient art of yoga. I started getting a craving for a pizza! Or some nachos. It sucked for a few days. A guy who ended up becoming a good friend introduced me to the book "The Ethics of What We Eat" and I had a thorough read through that. I was shocked, really, at how un-friendly animal factories were to the environment, and I sought out to eliminate my involvement with supporting these sickening industries for good.

I'm at a friends place back in the city now writing this, and I've not been tempted to return to my nasty habits of drowning my meals in cheese. For the majority of next year I'll be at the ashram too, so being a vegan, has become a part of me that hopefully will never change. I can't think of a time when I have felt this amazing, inside and out!
There's nothing more rewarding than a wholesome, scrumptious, fulfilling meal that is cruelty free! Viva la veganism.

Thanks for lending me your time, I said it would be a bit of a story haha.

I look forward to meeting you all!!:D

P.s. I've also a tattoo on my wrist in Sanskrit, (which is an ancient Indian scripture)which says Ahimsa. Ahimsa translates to non-violence. I'm doing my best to incorporate my beliefs of non-violence to everything that I involve myself with, even thoughts, actions and diet!!


11-11-2008, 12:08 PM
Welcome to VR.
Glad you found us.

purple dinosaur
11-11-2008, 01:01 PM
Welcome to VRF! Congrats on cutting out cheese. I remember it was really hard for me too, at first!

11-11-2008, 01:46 PM
Hello AhimsaBland :)

11-18-2008, 08:36 PM
Great story... finding awareness is quite a journey isn't it?

About the cheese - Don't know if you're aware that it does have addictive "morphine like" qualities... So you're not alone as it makes most people go into a "food coma" -
Anyway, glad you're here - :)

11-19-2008, 07:37 AM
A belated :daisy: Welcome! :daisy:

11-21-2008, 11:35 PM
Hahaha, so you're saying that In this story I was Homer, and Dr. Hibbert was injecting a block of cheese into my mouth?
and it IS true that after you haven't had it for a period of time you no longer crave the taste .......... as much