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I first should start with that I became a vegetarian at the age of 9 after a traumatizing experience at sleep away camp. We were all sitting around the fire getting dinner ready and I believe we were having tacos and then I saw the red bloody ground beef and was so turned off I decided right then and there I would never eat meat again. Of course I had thought about being vegetarian for quite awhile before this and went through “phases” of not eating meat but my parents always doubted me, just as they did when they picked me up from camp and I announced I no longer ate meat, they rolled their eyes and said sure sure.

I eventually became more interested in strict vegetarianism and became one in high school however at that point I was dealing with a number of body issues and was not eating correctly in the first place which became even more compounded by my deciding to change my diet to a vegan one. I ended up with mono because my immune system was so weak and a vitamin B12 deficiency and after passing out a few times at work I decided that until I was more informed about nutrition that I would stick to vegetarianism.

I then met my husband (who is also vegan and was at the time of our meeting) (well re-met him) during my third year of university we began to date and cooked all of our meals together. I began to really start to understand nutrition and ways of getting the things we needed from non-animal sources. The more we were together the less animal products I consumed and then I decided that it was time to give them up all together especially with more of my knowledge of the affects of factory farming, the treatment animals and the additives that can be found in animal products that are not good for us or just plain appalling.

Becoming vegan brought my husband and I closer together and forced me to being more aware of what I am putting into my body. I also have developed an addiction to cooking our meals using whole foods and really have gained a love for nutrition. My relationships with others has not changed but rather opened up my friends and family to try new things that are foreign to them and helping them see that vegan foods are just as good as ones that contain animal products.

However, one of the biggest challenges that I face as a vegan is trying to find food out on the road. When my husband and I travel I do immense research into our destinations to find vegan eats and shops but sometimes it is very difficult and frustrating. Overall though being vegan is just as easy as not, to eat well cost no different if you are eating meat or tofu.

I was attracted to VEgan Represent because it is a place where I can learn new things and relate to other vegans.

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