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I was living in San Diego getting my MBA and growing fatter by the second eating the Jack'n the box tacos... vomit. I was broke and ignorant. San Diego is the headquarters for Jack and its the only place in the world where McDonalds are outnumbered. So I finished my MBA and went home to hear shocked remarks at how I've "filled out" My brother was embarrassed to live with me so he got me running. I then proceeded to nearly flunk out of law school for sleeping in class and figured I needed to read something about health. I went vegetarian figuring that's what the books would say, but as I found time to read (The McDougall Plan) I realized Cheese was worse than meat to consume (liquid meat) and I went vegan. My life changed over night. I turned into superman and was never lethargic again. Over the years I've evolved into Animal Rights, Environmentalism and NonToxic living, which all go hand in hand with veganism. So it started out of Health, ended up being kitchen sink of reasons.

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Awesome! I get so happy when vegetarians realize that dairy is liquid satan. One more for the fight against the dairy council!!

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