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03-08-2008, 03:47 PM
After being disgusted with adult acne I went on a two week fast from all dairy and the acne receded. So, I figured I ought to take a class on veganism, and coincidentally, the Wa, DC Veg Society offered the Eat Smart nine week course near the same time of my discovery. Having no idea it was really a course about adopting a purely plant-based diet, I was thrilled upon the revelation, and became a vegan in the fifth week summer 2005.

I was a vegetarian for sixteen years before becoming vegan, and it seemed to take that long for my family to understand that this wasn't simply a phase I hung onto from my freshman year in high school, but a lifestyle motivated by my spiritual beliefs as an adherent of the Baha'i Faith (http://www.bahai.org/), compelling moral truths, and obvious health issues. However, I give props to my mother for challenging be to go veg after she had heard enough of my rants about animal rights every time I saw an incident on the news even though I was doing nothing to address the problem.

Despite the Baha'i teachings advocating, although not obligating, a vegan diet (and not necessarily a full blown lifestyle of which I maintain), many Baha'is are suspicious of a purely plant-based food regimen and many times I've experienced blatant ridicule and mockery that drove me to write an informative blog (http://www.veganshero.blogspot.com/) inspired by my personal experiences. Of course, there were initial protestations from a few Baha'is, but it seems that people are finally accepting the reality that veganism is here to stay and that even the founders of the Baha'i Faith prophesied "that which grows out of the ground" as the "food of the future" in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The hardest part physically about being a vegan is maintaining my iron intake and I feel fatigued, esp. in the afternoons when my body shuts down forcing me to sleep unless I get up a walk around, despite my taking vegan iron supplements. My new year's resolution this year is to go at least fifty percent raw.

Recommendations of medical physicians based in NYC metro area that specialize in or are informed of plant-based regimens and lifestyles are appreciated.

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welcome :) your blog looks cool.

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Welcome to our forum.

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Welcome to VRF! One of my favorite charities (Compassion Over Killing) is based in DC. :)

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Welcome, veganshero!!

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Hi Veganshero - great fasting video on your blog...... When I was a teen (eons ago) I was vegetarian and used to attend Baha'i meetings - well, lots came/went/changed in 30 years - but I've look back that those Baha'i gatherings as the most spiritually rewarding times for me. Very much in line with pantheism - which is the closest religion I lay claim to now.

:silly:Anyway, nice meeting you & welcome!:silly: