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02-05-2008, 04:14 PM
i always had a fascination with vegetarianism as a child, and made an attempt at being vegetarian in sixth grade. but i took tofu to school for lunch and all the kids teased me and said i was eating cat food. that was the end of that, but not my love for tofu or animals.

when i was a baby i got really sick from lactose intolerance. as i got older, milk didn't seem to bother me too much until a couple of years ago. i had already become a vegetarian at this point. i didn't know much about veganism, but i was already drinking soymilk (i never liked cow's milk). just last year i started researching veganism and learned more and more about the atrocious state of the american food industry.

after a lot of thought about it, i made the decision to go vegan and it's the best thing i've ever done.

i became a vegan last april and have had a lot of support from my friends and family. but i don't know many vegans in spokane. really just my ex-boyfriend. sometimes it can be lonely being the only vegan. my two best friends are vegetarians, but they love the cheese.

i have an eight year old son who eats vegan with me, but is an omnivore. it's really been hard knowing that at his dad's house he eats mc donald's and hot dogs and all sorts of nasty processed animal products. he asks me about why i'm vegan and i'm honest with him, but i want him to make his own food choices.

well there you go, that's my story...

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welcome to VRF ! :daisy:

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My son is also 8 and is omni when out with dad or when he's at school buying lunch...I am gently trying to influence him without taking away his own choices. Where I draw the line is at the unhealthy meats, like bacon. And McDonalds...It's hard co-parenting with someone that doesn't have the same food values, whether for health or ethical reasons.

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welcome to VRF, moraine!

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Welcome, moraine!

La Végétalienne
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but i took tofu to school for lunch and all the kids teased me and said i was eating cat food.

Welcome! Just one question: What kind of cat eats tofu?!? Other than vegan cats, I suppose. :)

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welcome moraine, I know it can be tough being the only vegan. VRF was/is a great vegan outlet for me. I hope it can help you as well. :)

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Welcome to VRF. moraine!!

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Welcome, moraine.