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I became vegetarian at the age of 8 after a visit to my uncle's farm in upstate New York, when I watched my uncle and father slaughter several geese. I was appalled at this, but was even more horrified when I was served one of the geese for dinner that night. It was the first time that I really made the connection between animals and the "food" that I ate. I refused to eat the duck that night, and became vegetarian shortly after.

Even at that young age, my parents were supportive of my decision to become vegetarian, although I think they figured it was just a stage that I would grow out of. With the exception of a short lapse during a bad time in my life during my college years, I have been veggie ever since.

I had always been interested in veganism, but always thought that it would be too difficult. About a year ago, I finally started doing some serious research into the subject. After learning more about where the dairy I was eating came from (I had already given up eggs at that point), I realized that there was no way I could NOT go vegan. The transition from vegetarian to vegan was much easier than I thought it would be, and nine months later I have never felt healthier or more content in the fact that I am living in a way that benefits myself, my fellow animals, and my earth.

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