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01-27-2008, 01:00 AM
I became a pesco-vegetarian (not vegan, no fowl or red meat but ate fish) in '93 after reading John Robbin's "Diet For A New America". I didn't feel all that well because I didn't know what the heck I was doing. I added Chicken back in '98 and red meat back in 2003 and here I am in 2008 after a year of health challenges - sleep difficulties, hormonal and neuro-adrenal imbalances.

I was led to this site by another member who is a brilliant Nutritionist with a strong background in Biology. I'm a single dad, separated 4 years and divorced just over two and have been doing the processed food, red meat, convenience food, generally not nourishing and honoring myself thing since my separation.

Most other areas of my life have been successful, but this one fundamental area has been lacking - nourishing and taking care of myself. It has always been my opinion that proper nourishment and nutrition is the foundation for great health - if it's lacking, everything else will fall down like a house of cards.

I'm highly motivated to learn how to nourish myself and now have a great teacher - I'm in rebuilding mode and a largely vegan diet is the best way I believe I can accomplish that.

Wonderful to see that this community exists - see you in the forums.


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Welcome! I hope site helps you with the transition, we have SO MUCH great info here. :happy:

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Welcome! :daisy:

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Welcome to VRF, Carlosvega

You are almost there, just have to add an N


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Welcome to our Forum!

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>>You are almost there, just have to add an N<<


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Welcome to VRF, Carlosvega

You are almost there, just have to add an N


VT, that's just what I was thinking! :D

Welcome Carlos!

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Welcome! :sunny:

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Welcome, Carlosvega(n)! I totally hear you on the learning to nourish yourself deal. It has taken me most of my life up to now to learn the importance of caring for myself with the same love and respect that I lavish on others. This place is a priceless resource of information, conversation, recipes and encouragement. Good luck!


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Hi Carlosvega.... I'm new here too & just read your story - :) Nice meeting you!