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  1. Would you eat replicator meat?
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  5. Epistemology
  6. Free will / destiny / predetermination
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  9. Oshii vs. Miyazaki
  10. The Almighty tells me...
  11. Philosophy: A Guide to Living Well
  12. John Rawls
  13. Animal Rights Follies
  14. Arguments for AR from a virtue ethics view
  15. Tom Regan lecture
  16. Did Singer just say sex with animals is OK?!!
  17. Animal Welfare and Speciesism
  18. Computability & the mind
  19. What is the Meaning of Life?
  20. [wikihow] article about how to be polite vegan
  21. Immoral Act moral Actor???
  22. The Mighty CULTURAL ASSUMPTION Thread
  23. Research Topic help?
  24. Animal Rights Philosophy thread on Meetup
  25. what do you think about my posts on these forums?
  26. No Impact Man - Breaking the Rules
  27. Man vs. Animal
  28. Why is it okay for other animals to kill animals, and not us?
  29. Herbivorous Humans
  30. Artificially Grown Meat: for it or against it?
  31. Local produce vs. organic produce
  32. Green anarchists who bash veganism and hunt.
  33. Food products that are made-by animals?
  34. A Field Guide to Critical Thinking
  35. Slippery Slope
  36. How to Spot Pseudoscience
  37. Activism: a discussion on tactics and ethics
  38. The Politics of Optimism
  39. Spiritual Writers not Veg*an
  40. Diet Discrimination?
  41. Vegans in "sheeps" clothing?
  42. What to do with the leather I own?
  43. HDD Enclosure with Leather Carry Bag - Should I Keep It?
  44. Harm Reduction and Optimism
  45. How do you vegan?
  46. Unvegan Jobs
  47. A new abolitionist vegan outreach pamphlet
  48. A Historical, and Cultural Look at Meat (politics)...
  49. false beliefs and titles...
  50. The Apologetics Thread
  51. Feminism and Veganism ala Carol Adams and others
  52. Random Lent
  53. Minimalism
  54. Quantifying Our Himsa/Ahimsa Ratio
  55. Science is Important
  56. Stem cells: embryonic versus adults, scientists and Christians
  57. The Bible
  58. supporting family vs. supporting animal testing
  59. Almost convinced...
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  61. A dilemma
  62. Animal Agriculture has religious messenger
  63. I Can Haz Veggie Veg Speak
  64. Supreme Master Ching Hai
  65. Rational Veganism
  66. Thoughts on Race
  67. How An Amazonian Tribe Turned A Missionary Into An Atheist
  68. Welfare Arguments for Veganism
  69. Race on thoughts
  70. What veganism is and what it isn't
  71. Giving Up Veganism
  72. Derrida on Animals - antispeciesm?
  73. Steve Best's Manifesto
  74. The Imperfect Vegan
  75. Essay: The hypocrisy of anti-PETA feminists
  76. Spirituality, Religion, and Veganism
  77. Qualms for the Poor
  78. Feminism, Veganism, and Animal Rights
  79. The "all-inclusive oppression discussion thread" Thread.
  80. Socialism - discuss
  81. Steven Best vs. Gary Francione
  82. The work of politics: production of visibility for new people/subjects
  83. How Does AR Effect Your Position On Abortion (If at all)
  84. Drive: What motivates us?
  85. LOL Theorists!
  86. Looking for Francione quote
  87. Facts Do No Not Matter
  88. Should carnivores be destroyed?
  89. Gender-neutral Pronouns - Come Out and Play!
  90. Is it right to bring children into this world?
  91. How should we destroy the world?
  92. The Meat Eaters
  93. Rights of the people in "The Bodies"
  94. Native American culture/spirituality and animal use.
  95. America's Knowledge Deficit
  96. Is it vegan American football?
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